How do you prepare blueberry bushes for winter?

Answer Most blueberry bushes can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network, some blueberry breeders in the northern United Sta... Read More »

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How do i prepare rose bushes for winter?

CleanWhen roses are dormant, clean up all the debris--leaves, mulch, fallen stems--that may harbor insects or diseases for the winter. Toss the debris away; do not use it for compost.PruneEducate y... Read More »

How to Prepare Rose Bushes for a Chicago Area Winter?

Roses are common garden and landscape plants throughout most areas of the United States. While rose bushes can tolerate winter temperatures in the southern and central portions of the U.S., they ne... Read More »

Can you plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes?

Yes, you can plant blueberry bushes near blackberry bushes. However, blueberries require more frequent watering. Also, blueberries require less space between plants than do blackberries, so to err ... Read More »

How to Clone Blueberry Bushes?

A blueberry plant that is already established can be cloned by softwood or hardwood cuttings. Hardwood cutting refers to cutting the mother plant during the dormant stage. Softwood cuttings are cut... Read More »