How do you prepare and drink tea :) ?

Answer I drink all kinds, both teas and tisanes. Included in that are the two teas of the tea ceremony, Chanoyu, prepared with great care and carefully selected prepared with a tea whisk in a Matcha bowl... Read More »

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How do you prepare and drink coffee :) ?

Oh...this answer is so different than the tea question, seriously!I dive into the cup!!!!!! Do you have some? Are you wanting to share? Is that why you posted this? I can be on a plane in 2 hou... Read More »

How to Prepare A Tasty Orange Drink?

There are people who don't like pure orange juice because it's too sour, but like orange soft drinks such as Fanta and 7up. You may think that such drinks have pleasant taste because they are sweet... Read More »

How to Prepare Mexican Drink "Torito"?

This is a very famous Mexican Drink named "Torito". It's cheap, delicious and anyone can make it!

How to Prepare Goat Milk to Drink?

A lot of people enjoy raw goat's milk, and goat milk advocates believe that treating it destroys important enzymes and reduces the nutritional value of the milk. However, if you are uncomfortable ... Read More »