How do you prepare a housing cooperative manual?

Answer Most US states have cooperative housing laws in the state's code of laws. A developer who builds, or unites a community, into a cooperative housing community usually hires an attorney who writes th... Read More »

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What is cooperative housing?

According to the National Association of Housing Cooperatives, a housing cooperative is formed when people join with each other on a democratic basis to own or control the housing and/or related co... Read More »

What is the Cooperative Housing Corporation?

The Cooperative Housing Corporation (CHC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping older adults and those with special needs find a secure shared living area.HistoryCHC began in 1986, and i... Read More »

What is cooperative housing in college?

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the average cost of room and board at public and private universities was $8,193 and $9,363, respectively, reports the College Board. Cooperative housing at coll... Read More »

About the History of Cooperative Housing?

Shared-ownership housing has its roots in Babylonia and Rome prior to the time of Christ. Over one million families are members of housing cooperatives nationwide, according to the National Associa... Read More »