How do you prefer your eggs?

Answer Hi bigbaps, Well ........... if your cooking breakfast I'll leave it up to you I'm sure they will be just perfect

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Steak & Eggs Salami & Eggs Pepperoni & Eggs Or Turkey & Eggs Which would you prefer more?

Steak and Eggs!!! Breakfast of champions! Add some nice hashbrowns and a biscouit and a dark beer and I am ready to go!Enjoy yourself scooter, I am sure we'll still be here when you get back!

An average women ovulates for about 35 years if she gets pregnant once during her lifetime approximately how many eggs will she release in that time 34 eggs 440 eggs 500 eggs 680 eggs?

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What kind of eggs do you prefer?

Huevos rancheros.Make sure you roll the "r."Huevos rrrrrancheros.Makes all the difference..

Do you prefer fried eggs or scramble?