Please pray for my father. He had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. I will pray for your peace?

Answer Your father, you and your family will be in my prayers as you go through this stressful time. May God grant you peace in knowing He is in control and comfort you with His presence.My mother was ve... Read More »

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If u found out u only had six months 2 live would u pray 2 live or would u pray 4 a peaceful death?

Can you pray for me...?

Please know that I will embrace you wholeheartedly in my prayers. There is no such thing as relying too much on prayer. We tried for a long time too, and I knew that I'd be such a good mom and we... Read More »

Pray for my son?

Will pray for you. I wish you peace during this time of trial.

How to Pray?

In the broadest sense, to pray is to make a request in a humble manner.[1] The term to pray is now often used to refer to religious prayers: to commune with a spirit or deity that you believe in. I... Read More »