Ever since I practiced guitar yesterday my shoulder and the part of my arms between my shoulder and elbow have?

Answer Hello There: Guitar ok i played back in the 1960's i had a spanish flat top. You hurt because you were most likely tense. While playing it happens sometimes i know. Get a hot bath and put some Ep... Read More »

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New pain feels like tip of a knife poking into shoulder. Is this my frozen shoulder or something else?

You are sleeping on this:…Stupid L1 non-linking!

How to Pull Your Foot Over Your Shoulder?

If you would like to pull your foot back over your shoulder, you'll need to be flexible and daring but it is possible to try it out at home. Always have a spotter with you in case something goes wr... Read More »

What would cause a red blotchy rash which was first located on your chest and has slowly moved to your shoulder and stomach?

I have the same thing. The doctor diagnosed it today as Infected Dermatitis. And gave me a corisone shot and antibiotic. 10/22/04 . It sounds like dermatitis - if it has development from exposure t... Read More »

Is it bad to ice your shoulder for too long?

After a certain point, it doesn't do any good, so there is no reason to. But it can also damage the skin. (Think freezer burn.)