How do you pop you ears besides plugging your nose and blowing?

Answer I have found that plugging your nose and blowing is not a good idea when have congestion at all. So like other people said bite on something chew gum, yawn and take ibuprofen. Good Luck!

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My ears are messed up from blowing my nose, how do I fix it?

Take decongestants to relieve pressure. And try blowing your nose a little gently so as not to create too much pressure difference. If you experience diffculty in hearing, have an otorhinolaryngolo... Read More »

Can an eardrum be ruptured by blowing the nose?

On One Hand: Probably NotEardrums rupture or burst because of changes in pressure in the surrounding environment, such as when a plane goes up several miles into the atmosphere. It is unlikely that... Read More »

My nose is red and burns from blowing it all day. Any suggestions?

Roll up toilet paper and stick it in your nostrils and breath out of your mouth.

Blowing blood outta my nose!! HELP!!!?

that is common over the winter months. the air is really dry and you are probably all dry and cracked inside your nose and sinus'. Best bet is to get a humidifier while you sleep. It will really... Read More »