How do you politely keep people from touching your monitor?

Answer Get a yellow sticky note and just say "IF YOU PUT YOUR FINGER ON MY MONITOR, I WILL BREAK IT OFF"Stick it to the top corner. The next time someone does it, grab their finger and ask if they seen yo... Read More »

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How to Kick People out Politely?

Every once in a while we find ourselves in less than pleasant company, but simply don't want to be impolite and literally kick the person out - or we might want to, but really shouldn't. So this is... Read More »

Should you avoid touching people if you have herpes?

You really should see doctor and get this checked out, it may not be herpes it could be a bacterial infection.If it is herpes on your hands then you may want to abstain from touching people (specia... Read More »

I am very hygiene . I get mad when people touching me . What disease Good or bad?

Can you get herpes from someone touching a cold sore&then touching your stomach?

On One Hand: Herpes Is Highly InfectiousHerpes, the disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2, is a highly contagious disease. A person is infected by the virus coming into contact with damage... Read More »