How to Prepare to Pole Dance?

Answer Pole dancing is now enjoyed by many people but a lot of these get very annoyed because they find it is a lot more difficult than it looks. A few simple steps can help your progress.

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How do you pole dance and make a guy horny?

you have to know in your heart that you are sexy and you turn men out with just a blink.its also how you feel when you do yo thing.make him beg for you,make him want you.

Pole Dance Instructor Certification?

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How far along in a twin pregnancy is it ok to still pole dance?

First of all, I hate all the negative answers! Why waste your time to leave such rude comments if you're not even going to answer the question? She doesn't say whether she dances in a club, or even... Read More »

What is the song playing ghost whispere season 5 episode 7 during the pole dance?

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