How do you play with a one year old infant?

Answer At that age, a baby likes when you make noises, funny ones, and will even try to copy your noises. They like to clap, and will clap along with you if you sing and clap. They like games like Patty C... Read More »

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How many diapers does one infant use in a year?

How much does it cost to care for an infant in one year?

In the US, on average, it costs roughly $21 800 living expenses.Hope this helps♥Sarah♥

Can an infant less than a year be diagnosed with asthma?

Answer Yes, my daughter was. I don't remember exactly how many months, but if you express your concern to the pediatrician, they can find out.

Can a 2 year old die of sudden infant death syndrome?

Answer I don't think so. I think that after they are like 9 months old they are out of the woods. One year old at the most. I guess that's why it's sudden "infant" death syndrome.. only infants... Read More »