How do you play with a one year old infant?

Answer At that age, a baby likes when you make noises, funny ones, and will even try to copy your noises. They like to clap, and will clap along with you if you sing and clap. They like games like Patty C... Read More »

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Can an infant less than a year be diagnosed with asthma?

Answer Yes, my daughter was. I don't remember exactly how many months, but if you express your concern to the pediatrician, they can find out.

Is Yellow fever vaccine in mumbai for a infant child of one year with mother?

Possibly, possibly not. If the mother has the Bubonic Plague, the baby will most likely have the Bubonic Plague. Though, if the mother does not have the Bubonic Plague, then the baby will not be bo... Read More »

A 6 year on african-american infant present to pediatirian with painful swollen hand's and feet what is the diagnosis?

What are some games or activities to play with a 9 year old and a 7 year old..?

it might help to try the following link;all the best