How do you play music from your laptop through your amplifier speakers?

Answer Buy a headphone jack to have a red and white splitter. You can connect the headphone jack to your computer and the audio splitter to the aux. jack on your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be set o... Read More »

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If i play loud music on my laptop, will the speakers blow up?

if you got it with the package with your computer, most likely not. Thats because why would they make such loud products?

How to wire up two 16 ohm speakers and two ohm 8 speakers to a Hifi 7.1 AV Receiver 2000W Amplifier?

You can hook them up any way you want. Most likely it can handle 4 ohm loads and 16 parallel 8 is 5.33 ohms so you could even put both sets of speakers on the mains if you wanted to. Personally i... Read More »

Why wont THE speakers or headphones play music?

Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?