How do you play movies through your Iphone onto a tv?

Answer Yes, there is. It is currently called, the Iphone 4S. Note that this is NOT a 4G phone. In the U.S, it is currently on the Sprint, Verizon and AT&T network.

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How can I play Blu-ray movies on my iPhone 5?

You redeem the digital download license in iTunes.

How do you play movies on iPhone gadget?

Send the movie to iTunes. If a format conversion is needed use HandBrake (freeware, google it). iPhone plays MPEG-4 videos. Then in iTunes either elect to sync all movies or drag manually the movie... Read More »

Want to put movies into iphone?

Try to copy it to itunes and sync to your iphone.

How many movies can you put on a 16G iphone?