How to Play Darts?

Answer Playing darts is a great way to pass the time with good friends and good laughs. While there are many variations of games played with a dartboard, the most well-known game is for each player to sta... Read More »

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How to Play Beer Darts?

Beer darts, sometimes spelled "beerdarts," is a drinking game popular on college campuses and during tailgating for professional sporting events. The game can involve 2 or more players, and revolve... Read More »

How to Play Baseball Darts?

Darts is a game played using small, pointed missiles with feathers or plastic flights. The darts are thrown at a circular target marked with concentric circles and numbers called a dartboard. The n... Read More »

How to Play Sticky Darts?

Darts are fun, but those sharp points can be dangerous, especially for children. Luckily, sticky darts are available. These are exactly what you might guess, small plastic darts with a flat sticky ... Read More »

How to Play the Game Darts on the Computer?

Like most games, darts has made the jump from real world to virtual. There are a number of different darts games with different play styles available for your computer. Many of these games can be p... Read More »