How to Play Chess?

Answer Playing chessChess is a very popular game and is widely accepted as one of the oldest games still played. Although it has a set of easily comprehensible rules, it requires a lot of practice to win ... Read More »

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How to Play "Spartan Chess"?

Have you seen the movie 300? Always wanted to be in the battle? Why not simulate it in chess?

How to Play Chinese Chess?

Chinese chess is similar to international chess but there are several key differences, including different pieces and different rules for moving them. However, the object of the game is the same as... Read More »

How to Play Omega Chess?

Omega Chess is a commercial chess variant designed by Daniel MacDonald in Toronto. The game is played on a 10x10 board with an extra square in each of the extreme corners where the wizards are plac... Read More »

How to Play Action Chess?

You have never played chess until you've played ACTION CHESS!