How do you play android game in symbian phone?

Answer Android and symbian is different System, so if you want to play android game on it, you must use android emulator on your symbian reference :

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What is the difference between an android and symbian mobile phone?

What is better Android or Symbian?

Android definitely they have a stronger operating system and have adobe flash players thatbyou can install them and sometimes they already come installed on the phone.

Symbian or Android - Which is better?

if u want an exceptional device to compliment ur life, get a nokia symbian phone. If u have no life and need a phone to create one for u, get an android.It doesnt get much simpler.Take a look at th... Read More »

Which is better symbian or android?

As at late January 2011 there were more than 700,000 apps across iPhones, Android, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry and other smaller platforms. There has been more than 14 billion downloads of apps.For ... Read More »