How do you play a 78 record ?

Answer There is software that will enable you to play the 78 rpm record on a turntable at 33 or 45 rpm and then speed it up prior to saving it as a file. The resulting file plays and sounds correct.I thin... Read More »

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How loud can you play a record?

Technically You could play it as loud as the amp would allow. However it would not be recommended as you could burn out the amp or damage the speakers and if you played it really loud yes it would ... Read More »

How to Record an MP3 File Onto a CD to Play in a CD Player?

If you frequently play music and video files on your Windows 7 computer, then you are probably familiar with Windows Media Player. As the default media player for Windows 7 installations, Windows M... Read More »

How to Convert Record Players to Play on Computers?

Although MP3 players have become the mainstream choices for devices on which to listen to music, many music lovers still prefer to listen to LP recordss. Whether incarnated as the traditional black... Read More »

Can the dvd super multi dl drive play and record blue ray?

DVD players and drives cannot handle Bluray discs, whether recording to them or reading from them. Bluray players and drives on the other hand can use DVD discs as well as Bluray discs.