How to Play Battle Checkers: the Chinese Checkers Modification?

Answer How to Play Battle Checkers: the Chinese Checkers Modification"

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How to Win at Chinese Checkers?

Chinese checkers is a simple game but hard to win. With these hints, you will always win.

Who was the inventor of Chinese Checkers?

The game Chinese Checkers was developed in the United States in the 1880s. It was called Halma, and was not known as Chinese Checkers until 1928 when the game was released in the U.S. by the Pressm... Read More »

Who created Chinese checkers?

Chinese checkers is based on a British game called "Halma," which came from an even older game called "Hoppity." The six-pointed star was added to the game by the Ravensburger Company in 1892. In 1... Read More »

Who made Chinese Checkers?

The first Chinese Checkers board game was patented and published by the German company Ravensburger in 1892. The game was originally called Stern-Halma, or Star-Halma in English, to represent the f... Read More »