How do you plant mint?

Answer there is a huge filter screen underthe easily removable wash arm that should be cleaned every couple of weeks

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Which type of mint plant has the biggest "mint" smell?

Mentha arvensis or menthol mint is very minty smelling, its used in products that have menthol scent/ flavor. like cigarets, topical analgesics, decongestants (Vicks) and mouthwashes. Peppermint is... Read More »

How do I plant mint seeds?

SowingWork 2 to 4 inches of manure into the soil before planting. Sow mint seeds 1/8-inch deep, and barely cover with damp soil in a shady or partially shady location. Cover with mulch to help pres... Read More »

How to Use Mint Plant As a Medicine?

Mint is a Mediterranean herb that was historically traded and grown throughout Europe. Early colonists brought mint with them to America where it now grows wild and in gardens. Mint is a perennial ... Read More »

How do you plant a mint leaf?