How do you plant a plant in a pot with no holes?

Answer Depending on the pot type, you can drill a hole in the bottom or if this is not possible put a layer of rocks in the bottom before putting in dirt. This will aid in keeping to much water from the r... Read More »

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Does a Bonsai plant need holes in the pot?

It's not a good idea to use a pot with no holes in it for bonsai. It's easier to drown the plant (or almost any potted plant with no holes in the pot) if it can't drain. The pots for bonsai are tra... Read More »

How do i plant with containers that have no holes?

ContainersSelect a container slightly smaller than the container, with no holes. Be sure that the smaller container has drainage holes and that it fits easily within the larger container.PlantingFi... Read More »

What causes holes in plant leaves?

many many many things. can you be more specific?

How do you hang a plant from the ceiling without any holes?

Answer To properly support any size of plant, some hole is going to be required. To merely glue a hook to the ceiling just won't hold up to the weight