How do you pitch a song by a girl and make it sound like a guy on Sony Vegas?

Answer What I do to make a male voice (sort of it doesn't work for all female songs) you add the song to the timeline and right-click the audio song on the timeline and right at the bottom of the drop-dow... Read More »

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Can change the pitch using Sony Vegas?

Most certainly! Put in your audio, right click it, then go to Apply Non-Real-Time Event FX. After that go to Pitch Shift. Change your pitch and click OK.Voila!Glad I could help, fellow Sony Vegasia... Read More »

How do i lower the sound, Sony Vegas Pro 11?

See the tutorial here:…

How to make a song sound like Chipmunks?

talk like this"EEEE OOOOOOOOOOOOOH AAAAAAHHH"EEEEEEEEEE EEEEE EEEEEEEEE I'M A CHEEEEPPPMUNKKKKKK"First of all, you need to have the program called ‘Windows Movie Maker’ - Open it.- At the left ... Read More »

How to Make a Song Sound Like the Chipmunks?

The chipmunks are a very famous band of animals that sing in a very high pitched voice, and if you ever wanted to hear a song dubbed by the chipmunks, this is the way to go.