How do you pierce your tounge yourself?

Answer YOU DON'T! Do you want a wonky piercing in either of those areas? If you do it yourself with little or no experience then you will not get a good angle. You are also likely to get an infection in t... Read More »

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Sould I pierce my tounge?

If you want to get it, why not? I have two in my tongue and love them. Heres an article I found on tongue piercing aftercare so you know what is in store for you. The better care you take of it,... Read More »

I got my tounge pierce and theres a little white bump near the ball how do i remove it?

White bump or white ring around the piercing is normal and to be expected on a new tongue piercing that is healing. Yellow or green paste or fluids anywhere on the tongue, even far from the piercin... Read More »

What is the safest way to pierce your septum yourself?

Get a sterile piercing needle at least, It'll make putting the jewelry in easier as well as the fact that it's professionally and properly sterilized. You can defiantly buy these online, i don't kn... Read More »

Can your uvula with your tounge hurt you?

this might sound silly but take a rubber band and put it around one of your wrists,everytime you do the uvula tounge thing snap the rubberband on your wrist,it will remind you to cut it out.