How do you pierce your own bottom lip?

Answer Buy a hollow-point needle, from a piercing studio or wherever you can find one. Make sure it is sterilized with an antiseptic. Fond the spot you want to pierce. Hold your lip out with your fingers,... Read More »

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Is it normal for your front teeth to rest on your bottom braces therefore causing your top and bottom molars to not be able to touch?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerProbably not. But you should call your orthodontist and talk to them about it. AnswerI researched this problem myself; I have had a similar experience myself. By looking an... Read More »

How to Persuade Your Parents to Allow You to Pierce Your Ears?

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How to Pierce Your Own Lip?

If you're going to do it yourself, then why not be educated? Here are some steps that will help:

How to Pierce Your Ear?

Piercing your own ears is a little risky procedure that can lead to an infection. Having a professional do the job in a sanitary environment is strongly recommended as an alternative to doing it yo... Read More »