How to Pierce Your Bellybutton at Home?

Answer Belly button piercing, or navel piercing, has become a trend that transcends age. Body piercing should be done by a trained professional who has access to the proper sterile equipment and tools. Ho... Read More »

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How do i pierce my own bellybutton?

How do i pierce my bellybutton myself?

BECCIE, BECCIE,BECCIE, How can I put this...OK, I'll go with politely.DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!"When it's infected...." You obviously know that it can, and MOST LIKELY WILL get infected.Do n... Read More »

Does your bellybutton go in, or out?

Is it normal for your bellybutton to smell of pooh?

If your bellybutton goes in pretty far, dead skin cells, lint, sweat and stuff like that collect and can make it smelly or have gunk in there, the best thing to do is wash it out with soap and wate... Read More »