How to Pick a Lock With a Paper Clip?

Answer Locked out of you home or safe. Well there is a way to get passed these problems. By easily picking them.

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How do I pick a deadbolt with a lock pick?

The goal in picking a deadbolt is to arrange six to eight small pins inside the lock (called tumblers) to the appropriate height so that they are no longer obstructing the lock cylinder from turnin... Read More »

How to Pick a Lock With a Pen Cap?

Have you ever had trouble when your sibling annoys you and runs away and hides in their room? Have you ever wanted to go into a room that is locked but contains things that you need? Just by using ... Read More »

How to Pick a Lock With a Paperclip?

Have you ever gotten locked out of your house? Have you ever put a lock on something like your garage door or a box but lost the key? Here are some step by step instructions on how to open that loc... Read More »

How to Check E36 Engine Codes With a Paper Clip?

The E36 engine constitutes an important part of BMW 3-series automobiles. The engine contains a built-in system for informing the user of specific engine problems. By using a paper clip, you can fo... Read More »