How to Pick a Lock With a Paper Clip?

Answer Locked out of you home or safe. Well there is a way to get passed these problems. By easily picking them.

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How to Make a Paper Ball Launcher out of Just a Paper Clip?

Chances are that you have seen instructions somewhere on how to make a desktop trebuchet. This is how to make one that may not shoot the projectile as far, but it only takes two minutes and only re... Read More »

How do I pick a deadbolt with a lock pick?

The goal in picking a deadbolt is to arrange six to eight small pins inside the lock (called tumblers) to the appropriate height so that they are no longer obstructing the lock cylinder from turnin... Read More »

How to Replace the Door Lock Clip on a Ford Thunderbird?

The Thunderbird, or T-Bird, is a rear-wheel drive sports coupe made by Ford Motor Company. The door lock clip on the Ford Thunderbird attaches the key lock cylinder to the door frame, allowing you ... Read More »

What is the weight of a paper clip?

A metal paper clip weighs approximately 1 gram, according to Pamela J. W. Gore, a professor of geoscience at Georgia Perimeter College. This is equivalent to approximately .04 ounces. William D. Mi... Read More »