How do you physically restrain an out of control special needs child?

Answer It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there i... Read More »

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Do you restrain a abusive special needs child who's parent doesn't comply at all?

That's a tricky one. There's a thin line between protecting others and being accused of abuse yourself. I am a complying parent, because I know better than anyone that my special needs son can be v... Read More »

Is it ok to restrain your child to keep him from running away?

hell, untie him and make him get a job, he'll be back in a week

Should medical personnel restrain a minor child in order to obtain the blood or bone marrow even thougn their parent singed the consent form?

Not particularly; all children develop things at different rates. However, if you want him to start building his gross motor skills more, get him to play often with things like throwing or passing ... Read More »

How old does a child need to be in Illinois to refuse to see one of their parents in a joint custody situation if one parent is causing mental anguish and the child is afraid of being physically hurt?

Answer causing mental anquish and being afraid of being physically hurt doesn't mean these things have happened. If there is phyical harm and mental anquish, have a Court determine such from medi... Read More »