How do you photograph jewelry with Canon Rebel T1i 500D?

Answer about 256 depending on other settings like size.

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Is there a difference between Canon 500d and Canon 500d Rebel T1i?

Only in the extent of the warranty.The 500D is covered by the EU warrantyThe T1i is covered by the warranty in the US

Is there an adapter made for the canon EOS rebel lens to allow the canon AE-1 lenses to fit the canon EOS rebel.?

Canon EOS Rebel has EF, EF-S mount and is and EOS camera, Canon AE-1 has FD mount. Yes, there is and FD-EOS adapter.

You are thinking about buying a Canon EF 200mm f2.8L II aunto focus telephoto lens and am wondering if it will fit on both your canon rebel k2 35mm and also your digital canon rebel XSi?

Short answer,"yes."The Canon EF 200mmm lens is designed to fit a "full-frame" Canon EOS camera - film or digital. It will also fit all Canon DSLR's that have the smaller APS-size sensor, including ... Read More »

Help and suggestions with the setting on my canon 500D?

One thing I've done with my 500D and my 1000D is boost the contrast two notches on the camera's menu. Your owner's manual will tell you how to get to that menu. I've found my color is great in bo... Read More »