How do you patch a large hole in drywall?

Answer Answer patching drywall Depends on how large. up to 6 inches square cut a piece of sheetrock the right thickness 8 inches square. on the back side, cut thru the paper 1 inch in all the way around... Read More »

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How do I patch a hole in drywall?

Prepare the WallRemove debris from the wall by scraping the damaged area and one foot of space surrounding the hole with a flat putty knife. Ensure the surface is smooth before moving onto the next... Read More »

How to Patch Drywall Corners?

After walls have been sheetrocked, mudded and painted, the corners are the places that are most vulnerable to chipping of joint compound (mud) from the metal beading and the wall. You can repair th... Read More »

How do I cover a patch in drywall?

Repair the DrywallCover damage or a hole in drywall by applying a self-adhesive drywall-repair screen or self-adhesive fiberglass joint tape over the hole. Screw a scrap piece of drywall to visible... Read More »

How to Patch Nail Holes in Drywall?

When redecorating, items hung on the walls will likely move, leaving nail holes in visible areas of the drywall. Patching nail holes in drywall is a task that can be accomplished by almost any home... Read More »