How do you pass level 5 on BBC quizauant?

Answer Yes

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How to Pass "This Is the Only Level"?

This is a fun game and it's very easy if you know the secrets. There is only one "level"; however there are multiple stages you need to pass.

How do I get pass level 16 on doors?

At the top of the door it says phone = human so the guy is laying on his stomach, just make your screen face down to the floor and while doing that you have to tap on the door to open it.. If don't... Read More »

How to Pass "Donkey Kong" Level 3-5?

In the 1994 Game Boy title "Donkey Kong," the big ape kidnaps Pauline, Mario's girlfriend, and the Italian plumber must traverse a series of levels to rescue her. This game includes the original le... Read More »

How do you pass level 22 on the doors app for iPod touch?

Click on the dark bottom left tile. There should be a magnifying glass. Then with the magnifying glass, click on a little circle on the bottom right side of the tiger on the right. Whatever the col... Read More »