How do you pair a Motorola H715 bluetooth with a Samsung Exclaim?

Answer Yes, you'll have to pay more. You have to get a data plan that is either $15/month for 200mb or $25 for 2GB. The data plan includes unlimited usage with AT&T Wi-Fi, basic access, and Visual Voicemail.

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Connect iPhone with Motorola bluetooth headset h715?

Hey, iPhone SDK 3.0 includes many new features. The major ones are access to the Internet via modem via USB and Bluetooth, MMS, support for a greater number of Exchange policies and many others.

Connecting Motorola H715 bluetooth to iPhone 3G?

you can find your iPhone contacts on computer by using Contacts backup app. at

How do you pair Motorola bluetooth N136 with iPhone 3G?

It does, but you are not able to send any files or photos. You may connect to Headphones or a Wireless device.

How do I pair a Motorola Bluetooth?

Search for DevicesTurn on your Bluetooth so that it is in "Search" or "Discover" mode. Turn on your cell phone's Bluetooth capability so that it will search for your Bluetooth headset.Pair the Blue... Read More »