How do you override a low-ink fault on an Epson?

Answer Dude, abcink has an Epson chip resetter that resets your ink level on the chip to 100%. I have one and it works like a charm. Here is link:…Also found one ... Read More »

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Epson Printer & Non Epson Cartridges. Any way to override "Incompatible" screen?

Either install the cartridge, wait for the error screen and then press the enter key or install the cartridge and then turn off the printer. Also you can restart the computer to try and get rid of... Read More »

How to Override an Epson Stylus C80 to Accept Refilled Ink Cartridges?

It's extremely annoying to go to the trouble of refilling an inkjet cartridge, only to get an error message from your printer saying the cartridge is still empty. If that happens with your Epson St... Read More »

Involved in a not-at-fault accident is it your fault or the owner's for driving their uninsured car if you thought it was insured?

Answer Ultimately, the driver is responsible for everything that that is caused by or contributed to while the driver is in the vehicle. Lights don't work? Drivers fault. Not insured? Drivers fault... Read More »

In Michigan if you are in an accident not at fault and have liability insurance only is the driver at fault responsible for damages to your car?