How do you overcome computer addiction?

Answer you just can't!!!! its really true!! but hey, at least we're not on the got a 2nd computer all lined up, just in case something should happen to this one!!

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How to Overcome Computer Addiction?

Using the computer is an overarching activity of humankind. Much as certain blood-hungry bugs are addicted to blood so too are humans "addicted" and "programmed" to love the computer and its progra... Read More »

How to Overcome an Addiction?

There are many types of addictions and most can be treated the same way. Here are some simple pointers on how to go about changing your addiction.

How to Overcome Caffeine Addiction?

Caffeine is a drug, it is a stimulant and it is a highly addictive substance. Big business knows this and that is why they are going out of their way to get every one in the entire world hooked on ... Read More »

How to Overcome Chatting Addiction?

Most people are very addicted to chatting, and think its real life. But, it's only the internet... chatting never helps anyone in life. So here are some ways to overcome it.