How do you (or where can you go) to print things on a very large sheet of paper?

Answer Hi Kevin,I work for a company that does full color poster printing. A good price is probably under $4 per sq foot. We charge $3.33 a square foot, so a 3' X 5' poster would be around $50 + shippin... Read More »

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How to print more than one picture on same sheet of paper.?

Yep, use the built-in printing wizard. *Save the images (right-click - save picture/image as...) * Once you've got them all saved to a single place, use the file manager (Go to "My Documents" or w... Read More »

How much, on average, does it cost to print one sheet of paper?

For color laser printers, consumables can be expected to range from 5 cents to 12 cents per page. Color printers require ink supplies including cyan, yellow, magenta and black.For personal and work... Read More »

Do you ever print out a sheet of A4 paper just to rub your face on it's warm, smooth surface?

O, that's nice, I always do that at work when my colelgues aren't looking...

Why when i print 1 sheet in excel file a blank paper comes out before the printing start?

There could be multiple reasons why this is happening, and without the spreadsheet to look at, I can only give a few things to check on: • A Page Break has been inserted somewhere near the beg... Read More »