How do you operate sony vision 16?

Answer Once you see "Sony", you throw it into the trash can.Go buy a Canon or Nikon. :)

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How do you program an lg remote to operate a Sony receiver?

While holding down TV Power button on your LG Remote control, press the number buttons to select the manufacturercode for your tv : Lg/Goldstar 1 (default),2 Zenith 1,3,4 Samsung. 6,7 Sony 8,9 ... Read More »

How do you program sony wega remote to operate direct tv?

Lens problems with my camcorder (it's a Sony Handycam Vision Hi-8)...?

Sounds like your camcorder suffers the CCD problem tht Sony announced on their website some time ago ( i wish i could remember the link to that announcement ). Sony stated that some Hi8 camcorders ... Read More »

Sony Handycam Vision Hi8, how to download the video on it onto your computer?

Hi8 is analog, but computers need a digital input so you'll need an analog to digital converter. You can get a suitable device from any electronics store.