How to Open a Champagne Bottle?

Answer Opening a Champagne bottle (or any sparkling wine) is a festive event, but can actually be tricky if you haven't done it before. Here are a few tips;

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How to Open a Champagne Bottle with a Sword?

Amaze everyone at your next social function with le sabrage, or opening a bottle of champagne (or any sparkling wine) with a sword. Napoleon's officers did it––now you can, too! Teaching yourse... Read More »

How to Open and Pour a Bottle of Champagne Safely?

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If I open a bottle of champagne with a wire cap, will I be albe to close it back up with it's origional cap?

You can buy a pressurised cap for champagine the same as you get for wine in most decent merchants. Champagine does dot keep as long as wine. Enjoy.

How many glasses are in a bottle of Champagne?

Champagne and other sparkling wines typically come in bottles that hold 750 ml. Most glasses, or flutes, designed for Champagne are 6 oz., which is about 177 ml. Therefore, the standard Champagne b... Read More »