How do you obtain custody of your sister's child?

Answer You must petition the court for guardianship and provide evidence that is serious enough for the court to declare the mother unfit and appoint you as the legal guardian. You should consult with an ... Read More »

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Can your husband obtain sole custody of a child that he has by another woman?

Answer It would be highly unusual for a judge to grant sole custody in such a situation.The exception might be if the mother of the child was proven guilty of neglect and/or abuse of the child in ... Read More »

If you are raising your nephew and the mother signed away rights and the father has abandoned the child how hard is it to obtain custody?

Answer In such cases the court prefers to award custody to the nearest relative who is deemed acceptable and willing to take the responsibility. The biological mother could not legally "sign away"... Read More »

If a mother has legal and physical custody of a child and if she dies and leaves her child to her mother in her will can the child's father obtain custody of the baby or will her mother?

United States State laws vary widely in the United States but in almost every state the biological parent has sole rights to custody of the child. If a custodial parent dies the surviving natural p... Read More »

Could the father obtain full custody of his child if the mother is exposing the child to drug and alcohol abuse?

Answer Logic would dictate that the answer would be, absolutely.Unfortunately, the reality is, maybe.In circumstances such as described the judge will often deny full permanent custodial rights an... Read More »