How do you not Get caught When Doing Marijuana by siblings or parentsPlzz Help?

Answer "When doing Marijuana"? Come on now. This sounds odd to say but you are obviously not intelligent enough to be smoking pot. Nothing you can do will prevent you from getting caught "Doing Marijuana".pj

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How to React When Being Caught Doing Something Wrong?

You got caught doing something you shouldn’t have. It’s far more than just “Sit down,” or “Stop throwing things,” but it’s not serious enough to get you suspended or expelled either. ... Read More »

Does it help marijuana plants bud bigger when you cut the leaves off?

Yes it does, in dutch we call this 'Dieven'. By cutting the plants lower leaves in the last 2/3 weeks before finishing the flowering period, you can gain extra growth in the buds. The dieven helps ... Read More »

I got caught doing 60 in 30 mph zone am i going to lose my licence?

UK Law, fines and points.Known officially in the UK as "EXCEEDING SPEED LIMIT", this table shows baseline penalties you can expect. It's correct as of 10th March 1999. Each case will be looked at i... Read More »

I was caught speeding in my Kia Sedona doing 94 MPH. How much will the fine be?

I too drink a lot ay. I believe your fine will total $7250.00. That is : $200 fine, $50 court cost, and $7000 for driving a Kia.