How do you no if you have broken your little toe?

Answer Just because you have a blue and painful toe doenst mean at all you have a fracture,it could be just badly bruised.To find out if you have a fracture or torn the ligaments you need a x-ray,this wil... Read More »

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Have I broken my little toe! :-(?

If you can move it, it's unlikely to be broken, volterol cream should help with the pain, that stuffs amazing! I really think you need to see a dr though, if it is broken and left untreated you cou... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Answer Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

Is my little toe broken (pic)?

OUCH!!That looks really painful, but impossible to tell if it's broken just by seeing a pic.You really should go to the docs though, get it checked because if it is broken it can start to fuse itse... Read More »

Is my little toe broken?

Toe's bones often break to the point where sometimes we do not even feel it. The bone will heal itself and need's to be left alone, Bruising can indicate a break but it's nothing to be worried abou... Read More »