How do you neutralize salt water?

Answer Answer You don't exactly neutralize it. Neutralization is a specific reaction involving acids and bases (see the Related Questions to the left). You can remove the salt by various desalination pr... Read More »

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How to Neutralize Salt on Concrete?

In the winter months, salt used to de-ice roads and walkways makes its way on to your shoes, tires and vehicle undercarriage. While this layer of salt is important for melting ice and minimizing th... Read More »

How to Neutralize Road Salt?

Road salt, an ice-melting substance, is often part of a sand mixture spread over roadways before or after an ice or snow storm. The mixture offers traction to your vehicle's tires, but can lead to ... Read More »

How to Neutralize Salt on Metal?

One of the most common ways that salt comes into contact with metal is when cars drive over treated roads during winter. Across much of the United States every year, cities spread sand or a mixture... Read More »

Does sodium bicarbonate neutralize salt?

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is a salt. It has the unique ability to neutralize both acids and bases. When used as an antacid, it mixes with hydrochloric acid and forms sodium chloride (also... Read More »