How do you mute all sounds on your sciphone i68?

Answer I got my phone in silence mode by pressing and holding the # button. But everytime i turn the screen off or on it makes an annoying click sound that is pretty loud in the middle of a quiet class. H... Read More »

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How Do I Mute My Phone Without a Mute Button?

There are times you are going to find the need to mute your cell phone (such as while you are in a classroom, giving a presentation, or viewing a movie). Although some cell phones have a built in m... Read More »

How to Put an eBook on My Sciphone?

The Sciphone mimics a well-known smartphone through its design and access to applications on a touch-screen interface. You can load an eBook file into the Sciphone's internal memory. You will need ... Read More »

Cant hear on your sciphone i9?

What usually happens is when your existing phone gets damaged beyond repair, and you have the insurance policy for it, when you pay the deductible, one usually gets a refurbished mobile phone inste... Read More »