How do you move the screen over on vista.i have a shift of 1/4" to the right.?

Answer Use the buttons on your monitor to shift the horizontal 1/4" to the rightHTH

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Does anyone know how to "shift/move" a hip bone?

This may help:… otherwise you're kind of out of luck until you can see someone. And once you get it back you need to strengthen/stretch the area so that i... Read More »

Can metal in your body move or shift?

over time it is possible... a simple xray will be able to determine whether it not it has moved

Why is your android not letting you move apps from the home screen to a different screen?

My Astro Gear Shift Won't Move When the Ignition Switch Is Stuck?

Occasionally your ignition key will become stuck in the ignition cylinder of your Chevy Astro Van. If this happens, you will be unable to move the gear shift to leave Park. You can troubleshoot thi... Read More »