How to Mosh in a Mosh Pit?

Answer Are you going to a concert this weekend? The last time you went, did you see that clearing full of body-slamming, pogo-jumping, circle dancing, aggression releasing people that forms when a particu... Read More »

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How to Mosh?

There are many different ways to 'mosh': mosh fighting and mosh dancing. To choose which what fits best depends on what kind of gig you're at. Generally, hardcore/punk shows contain more mosh fight... Read More »

How to Two Step Mosh?

'Two stepping' is a form of hardcore dancing that can be seen at any hardcore show. It can have many names such as two step moshing, hxc two step, or simply a two step. This guide can teach you how... Read More »

How to Survive a Mosh Pit?

Going to a concert for the first time ? No worries, this guide will teach you how to survive a mosh pit.

How to Start a Mosh Pit?

So, the last show you went to was rad, but no one around you was moshing. You want to change that, but you lack the capacity, or just don't know how to start one? read on, sad reader. Read on.