How do you morph into a baby?

Answer nine, seven, yesterday

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Baby doll recommendations! I am looking for a baby doll that would perhaps fit into newborn baby clothing?

I used to have a my buddy doll, but they make kid sisters. they're huge! my buddy (I named him andrew) was my size.…I don't think that link will post becau... Read More »

How to Morph Pokemon Sprites?

In the various Pokemon games, there are numerous Pokemon characters, or sprites. Most Pokemon sprites can be morphed into another form of Pokemon character. The morphing or changing of a Pokemon sp... Read More »

How to Morph Photos in Photoshop?

No matter the camera, lighting or even the landscape, just about every photo comes out in a standard rectangle size. With graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, you're no longer required to "th... Read More »

Name two directors you wish you could morph together?

Stanley Kubrick and David FincherKubrick was a fantastic writer as well as one of the greatest directors ever and David Fincher has a skill that is very rare in modern directors, he has a style wh... Read More »