How do you mix a formula using carnation evaporate milk for babies?

Answer I have 3 children and I have never done it but a nurse at my job says its all she ever used and she has 3 healthy teenage sons. You just mix equal parts sterile water with the carnation milk, for a... Read More »

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Is it ok to premake formula milk for babies?

Yes, provided that you use it within about 2 hours if it's not refrigerated, or about 48 hours if refrigerated. If you go the refrigeration route, be sure to shake the formula before giving it to t... Read More »

What is a good formula milk for babies?

eny formaula is good for babies becausenthere areb all the same nutritions

Is condensed milk the same as carnation milk?

carnation milk is a brand name and can be one of two things condensed milk or evaporated milk if you look on the can it will tell you what kind of milk it is if you are unsure go to the supermarket... Read More »

Why is baby formula bad for babies?

You are correct!Babies who don’t breastfeed:20% increased risk of Leukemia60% increased risk of common and chronic ear infections40% increased risk of DiabetesHuge increase in upper respiratory i... Read More »