How to Mend a Broken Relationship?

Answer In a significant relationship, hurt is inevitable. Most relationships, sadly, are not meant to last. Here are some tips on how to try to fix a breaking (or broken) relationship.

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How do i mend a broken little finger?

Since it has restored itself it will be bent. Years ago I broke my little finger in a sport accident, I did not go to the doctor to splint it and there is a bump there of calcium deposit at the jo... Read More »

Who would mend a broken brolly?

I wish I knew. I had a L*gal & G*neral one that broke a few years ago.

What Will Mend a Broken Car Door Handle?

A broken car door handle can present an array of inconveniences. Depending on the specific features of your car door, you just may be able to get inside, remove the handle and work on it.

How would you fix a broken heart, I meant how would you move on after your heart has been broken by the?

The main goal is to occupy yourself, even by stuff you hate. As long as it doesn't bore you. Also, talk to people about it. It helps alot with getting over things. You can even hire a psychatrist i... Read More »