How do you measure the acidity of soil?

Answer This is done with a pH ["potential of Hydrogen"] meter available from gardening shops and the garden section of supermarkets. A pH of 7 is neutral, acid soils are less than 7, while alkaline soils ... Read More »

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Does Wood Ash Add Acidity to Soil?

Adding a bit of wood ash to your garden soil is a good way to dispose of leftover ash. However, it can contribute to the acidity of the soil, thereby increasing the pH levels. Increasing the pH lev... Read More »

How to Decrease the Acidity in Soil?

Any home gardener should be aware of the pH level of the soil in his garden. When soil is too acidic -- typically with a pH level below 5.5 -- it becomes less capable of mineral and nutrient absorp... Read More »

How to Increase Soil Acidity?

Some plants, such as camellias, love acidic soils. If your soil isn't acidic enough, or has been heavily treated with lime, here are some methods for increasing the acidity slightly in order to kee... Read More »

How to Measure Hops Acidity?

Hops are plant products used as a common ingredient in brewing beer. They add a characteristic flavor and bitterness to the beer. The bitter flavor comes from a soft resin produced by a hops vine t... Read More »