How do you mass vandalize wikipedia?

Answer I don't know but it sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with that! ;)

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Is it a criminal offense to vandalize a Wikipedia page ?

It depends on the nature of the vandalism and on the relevant laws. If the vandalism is defamatory, then it could be a criminal offense in some jurisdictions. Other possibly-criminal types of van... Read More »

Should they have a world wide "Vandalize Articles on Wikipedia!!" Day?

No, there should never be such a day.For one thing, it wouldn't even be fun in the first place. The administrators (like me) and other people who run Wikipedia would just have a mildly worse time c... Read More »

Why do people even bother to vandalize Wikipedia or post biased information on it?

Because they get a rise out of changing/vandalizing something that other people will see, which creates a reaction. The major articles will have vanadalism removed within minutes, but smaller artic... Read More »

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