How do you manage a baby with hyaline membrane disease?

Answer I think the colors are red and white but i am not sure?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Picture of a baby with harlequin disease?

It was born in Arabia and is true not fake,It was even in the news, born this year in 2010......

How to Manage Liver Disease in Dogs?

Liver disease is a common ailment that can affect dogs of all breeds. Liver or hepatic failure is normally defined as the condition when a dog's liver has lost 75 percent or more of its functionali... Read More »

Is this shot given very often to a premature baby with hemalytic disease and are the doses well known?

Which shot? Do you mean immunoglobulin? If so then yes, it is very well researched and is given regularly. Also true for folic acid.

A teen that has had bacterial miningitis when was a baby can transmits the disease to a baby?

Passengers over the age of 14 MUST wear seat belts in the rear of larger minibuses (over 2,540 kg unladen weight). However, all passengers are strongly advised to wear seat belts or the correct chi... Read More »