How do you makee youtub videos And what do you need?

Answer To make "youtub" videos you need the following:1. A camera.2. Some kind of tub.Then you make the video and upload it.

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Why is youtub upside down on my computer?

It's probably just a glitch. Sorry I can't help further.

What player do I need to play the mpg format for videos?

You may wish to download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack, it will help in allowing many formats to be accessed:

What do I need to produce high quality videos?

In order to produce the highest quality video you need to start with a high quality camcorder. No video card, editing program, or editing skill can improve or significantly fix bad video.With that ... Read More »

What video converter do i need to get mpg videos on my ipod?

Hi, i am so glad that i can provide you some help. i have an ipod too. At first, we should know, iPod can only play supporting format videos. so we need to convert mpg to its supporting formats.the... Read More »