Is there a way to make yourself passout?

Answer when i was a kid my friends and I used to do elevators. you bend over at the waist and breathe deep and fast fifty breaths should do it . then take one deep breath and stand up, your buddy bear hug... Read More »

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How many times can you make yourself faint without damaging yourself?

Too late. Once is enough for many things because entertaining the idea and carrying it out is indication of other problems.

How to Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself and Feel Important?

Sometimes we all feel like we need to fix something inside of us. We all know how it feels to feel unnecessary. It's good to know you feel this way because you can then began working on it. We need... Read More »

Can you...make yourself......................…? stop growing at maybee 21.[girls]no you still grow after puberty.she is SO a doctor.and most people dont stop growing untill they are 17-21

How to Make Yourself Smile?

You remember that gloomy day where you lost a bet that made you lose a lot of money? That day that your bicycle broke? The day you fell and hurt yourself badly? It seems as if there is no reason to... Read More »