How do you make yourself feel less guilty?

Answer That depends on why you are guilty. You can always confess to the one you are guilty about. While confessing, be truthful and don't exaggerate. If you have damaged the person or his property, save ... Read More »

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How to Make a Girl Feel Guilty?

This article is a guide for making your ex feel guilty about dumping you.

How to Make Your Cousin Feel Guilty?

Have you ever just had a cousin who is mean to you?Have you ever had a cousin that always teases you,makes fun of you,annoys you,or insults you?Have you ever had a cousin that just won't leave you ... Read More »

Why does Veganism/Vegetarianism make me feel guilty?

It sounds like you're feeling guilty because your sister is making you feel guilty. Don't listen to her. Do what you feel is right. After all, it's your body, not your sister's.

How to Make a Guy That Thinks You're Annoying Feel Guilty?

Have you have ever had a guy that just doesn't like you and tries to avoid you only because he thinks your annoying or for some other reason similar to that? Whether its that boy in class, that boy... Read More »